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My First ever blog post - Paula Pace Makeup Artist - North East Wedding Makeup Artist

Updated: May 17

Update - this was written quite some time ago now, and now just adding some images 2024.

So I have finally got round to doing a blog for this site.

If you don't know already - I have been doing makeup for brides since the early 90's. Although at college I did loads of makeup ( yes contouring has been around that long - it's really nothing new in fact thats a whole blog in itself) I got into it quite by accident - as a mobile beauty therapist specialising in fibreglass nails (oh, how I loved this nail system that seems to be almost unheard of these days) waxing, facials and electrolysis. I seemed to be getting requested to do makeups for weddings more and more and decided to take the plunge and go to brides houses on the morning of the wedding - how nervous was I? You have no idea!!!!

At the time there were only a handful of makeup artists covering the Sunderland area (I still remember Heather who looked after me and passed on work to me - to her I am totally grateful if she happens to read this) I started to do wedding fayres and advertised in the good old Yellow Pages - no Facebook to promote me - just old fashioned word of mouth and local advertising.

I practiced on myself, friends and family and without the luxury of You tube to guide me - I discovered my own tips and techniques that gave my makeups a long lasting finish. I always liked to shade brows in and cut a makeup brush to make my own brow brush and some brides thought I was crazy at suggesting I fill their brows - now everyones doing it and rightly so!!!

Over the years my beauty career has always been within the beauty industry - however, I have specialised in so many different areas and I have managed to gain myself a thick folder of certificates of pretty much every treatment on offer. I love learning. Always will. I think I have just about done everything I wanted to achieve or was ever curious about. I may add all of my certificates on a blog at some point.

A few little unknown facts about me

Over the past 10 years, I have home educated my son and as well as spending lots and lots of time with him, I have also managed to do lots of writing. You may be surprised to know that I have written countless short stories (some of which were published) and 5 books (unpublished - not quite good enough but an achievement none the less and happy I did them) And over the last few years, since covid, I began to learn the art of sugar figures for decorating cakes.

So here I am - 25+ years on and still loving this industry - loving the old techniques resurrected to bring new fresh looks.

I do hope you enjoy reading some of my blogs on location weddings, tips, reviews and advice.

I look forward to hearing from brides to be

Paula xxxx

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