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"Ask the Makeup Artist: #10 Bridal Makeup and Wedding Questions from Brides to Be"

Updated: Apr 14

"Ask the Makeup Artist: #10 Makeup and Wedding Questions from brides to be. #10 of the most most frequently asked questions by Brides to Be.

Girl having makeup applied
Makeup artist applying makeup

"Ask the Makeup Artist: #10 Makeup and Wedding Questions from Brides to Be #10 of the most most frequently asked questions by Brides to Be.

In this weeks Wedding, Makeup and Everything Else Blog, I've put together #10 of the most commonly asked questions I'm asked from Brides to be about regarding Wedding and Bridal Makeup, Trials, timings, Airbrush Makeup, Bridal hair-styling and everything else in between. I hope your burning questions are listed below. But fear not, I am always available to answer your Wedding questions here or on my Contact page. Contact Me | Makeup Artist (

So let's go.

#10 Bridal Makeup Artist Questions answered from Brides to Be

#1 What Makeup Brands do you use?

a selection of cosmetics in  gold packaging
What makeup Brands do I use?

I love a mix in my kit and have been product loyal over the years, that is, until my favourite brand decided to just close shop, so now I am experimenting more. But I can tell you that my kit consists of Makeup Forever, Nyx, BPerfect, Peaches, Makeup Atelier, Revolution Pro Dinair airbrush, and loads more.

#2 You do Airbrush makeup? What is it? I don't want anything heavy on my face....

No panic, Airbrush Makeup is very lightweight and lasts really well and suits almost ALL skin types. Everything you need to know can be found here.10 Benefits of Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day (

#3 Do my Bridesmaids need a pre-wedding makeup trial too?

I would say no, BUT, if your bridesmaid has some particular concerns regarding her skin, then YES, absolutely have a pre-wedding make up trial. But usually, I just see the Bridesmaids on the Wedding Day and have them choose some kind of Bridesmaid makeup inspo pics and we can weave the Wedding colour theme or Bridesmaid dress colour into the eye makeup (don't fear, if its green, it will be just a subtle hint of pale shimmery green applied onto the lids, but if this is a no-no, we keep in the middle lane and stay neutral)

#4 My mum never wears makeup and is terrified of looking 'over-done', can she decide on the day?

This is a commonly asked question regarding Mother of the Bride Makeup. And the answer is Yes. BUT. If there is no time allocated, (see question number #9) then I wouldn't want the Mother of the Bride who has finally plucked up the courage (usually after seeing everyone in the Bridal party beautiful faces) and there's no time left for her to feel extra special too. I love Mum's. They deserve a little pamper. So I would say, get her to have a Pre -wedding trial. Or if its not possible because they live away. Then take it from me, I will NEVER make someone of any age 'over-done' its not in my DNA. I do subtle natural glam makeup unless asked otherwise. But one other thing, and speaking from experience, even if the makeup I have done on the day 'feels' just a teeny bit too much than she's used to, I can tell you now, once that outfit is on, the hatinator is in place and the shoes are on, that makeup will fit like a glove and she will feel amazing.

#5 Do you do Wedding Hair?

Ah this question has come up a lot over the years. I don't do hair or Wedding Hair. Why? Well lots of reasons really. First, I don't want stress multiplied by worrying about the Bridal hair lasting as well as makeup and secondly, time. A Wedding Makeup application takes around 40-45 minutes, then add in hair, that's another 45 minutes at least. So for a big wedding party, there will still need to be another Wedding Hair stylist in the room. So, I dedicate my passion and stress to Wedding Makeup and leave the hair with another passionate Wedding Hair Stylist. There are those Wizards that can do both. I salute them. But the extra stress is not for me.

#6 So can you recommend a fantastic Wedding hair stylist?

Absolutely. I've worked with some amazing dedicated hair stylists over the years and I love to catch up with them. My first recommendation is of course my good friend -We decided to become a bit of a sister company. because we have known each other a long time and we've had so many amazing Wedding adventures together. We live close so we often travel together and know how each other work. But sometimes, she may be booked at another wedding and her or I will recommend another Wedding hair specialist,

#7 Have you won any awards?

This is a good question. I'm stubborn. I don't want to put the time into winning Bridal Makeup Artist awards just to prove I'm good enough to do someones Bridal Makeup. But it seems to work for many others.

Years ago I entered the TWIA's (which I was gratefully shortlisted for and the feedback from my brides actually melted my heart and made me cry) But, I had to pay to enter and to keep pestering brides to vote for me, by means of filling in forms etc, reminding them. That was a lot of effort, and I speak for myself when I say, I personally don't like getting pestered. But anyone can create some kind of online Wedding Awards and have folk enter and sometimes win and then be an award winning anything these days. Maybe when I'm free of time I may try again. But I highly doubt it. So just because I don't have 'award winning makeup artist' next to my name, I can assure you - that it has no bearing whatsoever on my Wedding makeup skills and experience.

#8 What happens if you're ill?

In the 20+ years I have done makeup for Weddings, only Covid and a close family funeral has been the only time I have had to cancel a Wedding and the bride found someone else in good time and all was well. But there is a large network of fantastic Bridal makeup artists who if free, will be willing to step in and save the day. None of us want to leave a Bride without a Wedding makeup artist. We are all pretty dedicated professionals.

#9 Can you fit anyone else in on the day?

This a two fold answer to how long does a wedding makeup take per person on the day of the wedding? I allocate 40-45 minutes per person on the day with a starting time and finishing time. Unless requested I won't really have any time left over to do more unless I start earlier. so for example. Bride gets married at 12 noon. There's 5 makeups to do altogether. She will need to be all done by 11.30 to help the photographer get the shots the bride requested and go over any touch ups needed by the first bridesmaid or bride The plan will look a lot like this.

07.30-7.45 - 8.30 am Bridesmaid 1

08.30 -0 9.15 am - Bridesmaid 2

09.15- 10.00 am - The Bride (note she never goes last - its way too stressful as time ticks by on fast forward)

10.00 -10.45 am Bridesmaid 3 / or mother of the bride (the person to get bride into her dress)

10.45- 11.30 am Bridesmaid 4

So this gives me a start time of 7.30 am. Squeezing someone else in will mean a much earlier start and depending on location, a much earlier get up in the morning time.

#10 Can you make my open pores and scarring disappear?

Look what digital gave us. Everything we need at our fingertips. Except the reality stops at the images we see on screen. As a makeup Artist, I learnt years ago by a photographer that every shot or image you see is filtered to death and the model's skin will just look, enviably amazing. But in reality we can only soften the pores, conceal any scars and make them look less obvious but that's it. Skin is a textured working organ. We can temporarily hold back oil in the skin with carefully chosen oil control primers that act like micro sponges but eventually the skin will oil up and skin will do what skin will do. So yes, we can make the skin look amazing but be prepared to still see the odd spot bump concealed but unfortunately still poking through and a less obvious but still remaining skin texture.(Only you the Bride will be aware of it) You may find this Blog post interesting. The misuse of Filtering Photographs and skin retouching Apps ( And this about Revolution Pro Blur Revolution Pro BLUR Fine Line & Wrinkle filler - Does It Really Fill in Fine Lines? - A Tried and Tested Product Review (

#11 Do you do Makeup Lessons? (Extra question)

A range of makeup and eyeshadow palettes
A selection of Makeup for makeup lessons

I've always avoided Makeup Lessons because I can't give you the skills to recreate exactly what I'm able to do on the eyes. But I have done one or two and I guess they have been fine (I just want to give as much value for money as possible) So for 2024, if requested, I will indeed do a Makeup lesson for those who want to try out new colours or for those who are getting married abroad and I promise I will do my utmost best to equip you with the skills to do your own makeup well. (Blog post coming on how to apply your own makeup)

So that's it for now, I hope I've covered everything. i will be adding to this Blog over the coming weeks and If you have any questions do let me know.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading

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