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Flutter in Style: A Luxe Lash Affair with Snap Beauty’s False Eyelashes – The Ultimate Review

Updated: 7 days ago

Nothing quite completes your finished makeup look like the staple false lash. In the blink of an eye, they add glamour, widen the eyes, and gift them with that sexy red carpet sweep. From cluster lashes to party lashes and semi-permanent lash extensions, ranging from classic to hybrids, volumes, and spikes, there's always one essential that should be on hand for those in-between glam times and special occasions: the strip lash. And today, we're here to introduce you to a new kid on the block: Snap Luxury False Eyelashes by Snap Beauty.

Read on to discover more."

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Model wearing False eyelashes with green eyes
Snap Beauty - Snap Luxury False Eyelashes

Introducing Snap Beauty False Eyelashes

Snap Lashes is the brainchild of Lucy, a seasoned makeup artist with 12 years of experience and the proud owner of Snap Beauty Salon. After experimenting with countless lash options over the years, Lucy embarked on a quest to discover something truly distinctive that would enhance a wide range of eye makeup styles and complement various eye shapes. Through extensive trials and valuable feedback from her loyal salon clients, the Snap Lashes line of luxury strip lashes was born."


Snap Lashes - 09's The Half Lash In a Flash

Discover more about the Half Lash phenomenon here at Snap Beauty.

These lashes boast a luxuriously soft texture, fully tapered and spiked to mimic the appearance of natural mascara, seamlessly blending with your own lashes. They offer voluminous fullness without excessive length. Moreover, the soft band is easily adaptable to suit the shape of your eye. Despite being a seasoned makeup artist who has applied strip lashes to countless brides, I, too, encounter challenges when applying them to my own eyes. It's one of those quirks!

Like many other makeup artists (MUA's), I prefer Duo Lash Glue over the adhesive provided by most brands. In fact, numerous MUA's carry mini strip lash glues in their kits to offer to brides as a backup. However, Duo stands out for its robustness, courtesy of its latex-based formula, ensuring a durable yet gentle bond that lasts. In the image above, you can see the amount I applied to the Snap Lashes. Additionally, its fast-setting nature eliminates the need for prolonged waiting times. (Duo offers various formulations, including coloured, hypoallergenic, and vitamin-infused options.)

A crucial tip for applying lashes: always start with a coat of mascara. This not only provides the glue with a surface to adhere to but also ensures a snug fit."

What did I think?

Boxed False eyelashes different sizes
The Snap Lashes range

I liked the way 09's half lashes sat along my natural lash line and the way they just blended seamlessly with my own lashes, which was the look I was going for. They were easy to apply despite my lack of skill in personal application. If you have not ventured into Strip Lashes, I really think you should give them a go and watch as many You tube videos and educate yourself to apply this mini glam strips. I know lots of people wear semi permanent lashes, but there comes a time when you need a rest for them, but just not wearing them sends you straight back to your lash tech. So, I would recommend you look at the Snap Russian Edit Faux mink lashes, which will help you on your rest times between. These lashes are of the highest quality and designed to be re-used over and over again. (rinse away any glue and mascara by soaking them in miceller water to get the maximum use out of them)


My Final thoughts...

So, as very qualified Makeup Artist with over 25 years experience in the Beauty Industry (woman & Girl - I've listed my qualifications below) , you can be assured my recommendations really are just my observations and experiences.

These lashes are top quality, lovely to use and perfect for Weddings. Snap Beauty will be able to help you choose the right lash for your eyes and the style you are looking for.

Below you can see the Before and After pics. The 09' Half Lashes were perfect for adding volume to my natural lash without any obvious length and really completed the look of what I call subtle glamour.

Just so you know...

 I am a trained C&G Beauty Therapist and specialised in Skin Care and Facials with major brands, Clarins, Guinot & Gatineau) . I've specialised in Waxing, Massage, Electrolysis, Brows, Semi Permanent Lash Extensions, Lash Perming & Lifting, Microblading, Spray Tanning, Manual Tanning, Teaching, Mani's & Pedis and all systems of Nail Extensions (acrylic, gels, fibreglass) and I'm still learning.


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