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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist: 5 Tips for Your Big Day

Updated: May 13

Your Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist: 5 Tips for Your Big Day

Wedding Day  Makeup in progress
Wedding Makeup Artist North East

Is it worth having a professional makeup artist to do your wedding makeup? Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. It’s only natural that you want to look and feel amazing on the best day of your life, and there’s also the small matter of looking good on camera. Your wedding photos are the most precious memento of the day, and the camera doesn’t lie.

As well as making you look stunning, having your makeup professionally applied will allow you to relax on the morning of your big day. Who wants to be trying to perfect their eyeliner flick when there’s chaos going on around you and you’re having a meltdown? Read on for your guide on choosing your Wedding Makeup Artist for your big day:

Lip liner - Wedding Day Makeup
Is your Wedding Makeup Artist a good fit?

#1 Check your Wedding Makeup Artist knows their stuff

A lot of Bridal makeup artists are self-taught these days, thanks to YouTube tutorials, and some have learned their craft with one of the big cosmetics companies.

But whatever their background, the important thing is to choose someone whose expertise fits what you need. I personally have a Beauty Therapy qualification which covered cosmetics, remedial camouflage, and in-depth knowledge of the skin.

Just remember that makeup is a very personal thing, and standards do very across the industry. You may find this article helpful 10 Benefits of Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day (

Perfect Planning ensures the morning runs smoothly.
The Wedding Morning Prep can often be overwhelming.

#2 Is your Bridal Makeup Artist experienced in weddings?

Weddings have their own challenges, and timing is a big issue. A good wedding makeup artist will know the importance of everything running like clockwork on the big day. There’s nothing worse than a bride feeling rushed and stressed because the makeup artist has run over time. This is why a trial is important. On the day, the makeup artist knows what you want, and they can just hit the ground running.

And it isn’t just about being on time, it’s about perfecting the chosen makeup look within that time. A good artist should have made sure that all products are suitable for the bride’s skin type and that they won’t cause a reaction. Again, this is why a trial is so important, plus you get to see if your chosen artist is the person for the job.

Try not to choose an artist based only on Facebook recommendations either, it’s not a popularity contest, it’s about who’s right for you. Everyone and their sister is an aspiring makeup artist these days, thanks to YouTube, but bear in mind, you might not want to be wearing 3 layers of MAC foundation, be contoured within an inch of your life, and have eye makeup that Ru Paul would approve of. On the happiest day of your life; especially if you’re in the 30+ age bracket, you may need a light, natural glowy look that enhances rather than camouflage.

Wedding Makeup Artist
Weddings = Happy Tears.

#3 Can your makeup artist keep you calm under pressure?

This is a quality that all good wedding makeup artists should have. They need to be able to understand a bride’s nerves, and deal with any meltdowns, which are part and parcel of such a big occasion. It’s important that you choose an artist you’re comfortable with, who will help you to relax, and who won’t take tears and tantrums personally.

Pre-Wedding Makeup Trial
Wedding Makeup Trials are an important part of your wedding Planning

#4 To trial, or not to trial?

A Pre-Wedding makeup trial is so important. If you don’t have a trial, you won’t know how long your chosen makeup look is going to take to create and perfect, plus the makeup artist needs to check that your skin is not sensitive to any of the products; red, blotchy skin on your wedding photos is not a good look!

A trial will help you and your chosen artist find out what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t like, in terms of your wedding makeup.

This makes me think of a bride I worked with who didn’t have a trial but just had a picture of the makeup she wanted on the day. Once the makeup was applied, she decided it was too heavy for her, and there was no time to change it. It worked out well in the end, but the stress could have been avoided if she had booked a trial in.

Check out my blog on all you need to know about your Pre-Wedding Trial. What happens at your trial? A guide to bridal makeup trials (

North East Bridal Makeup Pink flowers
Beautiful Soft Natural wedding Makeup

#5 Save that date!

If you have seen your dream makeup artist’s work, and you like them, don’t hesitate to get your date booked in. You will be amazed at how far in advance the best wedding makeup artists get booked up; you might not be the only bride who wants them that day.

But all is not lost if you can’t get them for your date, any good makeup artist will have a network of equally talented artists they can recommend.

If you’re looking for a makeup artist for your big day, contact me to book a trial and save your date!

This blog was written for me by Michelle Robinson, a previous bride, serious writer and a lovely lady.

Thank you xx

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