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#7 Stunning Summer Bridal Makeup Trends for 2024: Get the Perfect Look for Your Big Day!

Updated: 2 days ago

As the busy Summer wedding season approaches, all eyes are on the latest summer bridal makeup trends for 2024. So me, Paula Pace Makeup Artist is here to help you stay ahead in the beauty game and ensure you rock your special day with confidence. Let's take a closer look at the top trends that will have you looking radiant, glam and elegant on your big day!

#1. Natural Glowy Skin.

Soft glow highlighter application for a radiant wedding makeup glow
soft highlighter applied to the highest points of the face

My favorite aspect of applying wedding makeup is creating that fresh, dewy look for the bride that exudes a natural glow. The 2024 trend is all about celebrating your skin's natural beauty, which I fully support. I've always preferred lighter makeup over heavy foundations, so I'm thrilled that the trend is moving towards lighter, breathable products that enhance rather than mask your complexion. By incorporating luminous base products and highlighters on the high points of the face, achieving that subtle, radiant wedding makeup glow becomes effortless.

#2. Soft Smoky Eyes

Bride with smoky eye makeup 2024 makeup trend
2024 smokey eye trend for brides

Wow, the soft smoky eye is making a comeback this summer, offering a romantic and dreamy look for brides. This timeless look is perfect for Summer and Autumn wedding's giving the eyes the focus of the face. This look is achieved using darker shadows to give dimension, focus and definition to the eyes. Dark grey, silver, plum and bronze tones are effective for creating the smokey eyes this year.

To achieve this look, apply a light, beige, tan or peach eye shadow base color all over the lid Then, with a small detailer brush, add a darker shade of matte grey, chocolate brown or plum to create a smoky monochromatic effect by gently blending it into the crease of your eye and along the lower lash line. Try not to overload your brush. Keep a cotton bud or two handy

#3. Pop of Color on the Lips

Stunning red lip on bride with red hair wedding makeup 2024
Who doesn't love a red lip?

The classic nude lip will always be the number one choice for many Brides in 2024, due to its 'goes with anything' shade. But I can't always hide my excitement and more than welcome the chance to add that 'pop' of lip colour to the brides chosen look, taking it from natural to vibrant and fun. Opt for vibrant shades like coral, pink, or berry to make a statement and elevate your bridal look. And the classic red still looks timeless.

#4. Fluttery Lashes

Eyes showing the difference false lashes make
The volume lash - flutter those lashes

Most of my brides are often cautious when it comes to wearing the staple false lash, often choosing natural volume as opposed to length and flutter. But, long, fluttery lashes are popular for 2024 with the focus on voluminous lashes that really open up your eyes And if full strip lashes are a 'no-no', then the half lashes are a must for that sweepy, glam romantic look. Whether you choose individual lashes, extensions, or a quality mascara, make sure your lashes are the center of attention on your special day.

#5. Fresh and Rosy Cheeks

The rosy cheek tint for Pretty bridal looks
Rosy pink cheek tints

I do love a rosy cheek and love to finish thee face with a pink,peach or rosy look to add health and radiance to the skin. But serious blending is key whether its cream or powder blush.

Pro tip: If your colour is bright pink, mix it with a little translucent powder to 'dilute' the colour to prevent over application.

To achieve this look, apply the skin tint on top of the cheekbones, then use a large fluffy brush to blend the skin tint into the skin. Afterward, apply the blush in varying degrees of intensity.

#6. Fluffy Brows.

Bridal Makeup trends - the fluffy brow look
Brush up those brows to get that fluffy brow look

Brushed-up fluffy brows are everywhere right now! This trend is about adding serious volume to your brows to give them a fuller 'fluffy' look. And the fuller they look, the more focus they add to your face. There's lots of amazing brow products on the market right now to help brush those brows up and lock in place. My favourite at the moment is Revolution - the ridiculously fine pencil tip can help create convincing brows strokes, while the brow gel, gently brushes up and holds the brow in place. Amazing!

How to do it , brush the brow hairs upwards in a way that lays them flat. For extra volume, use a clear gel/wax to brush the brows upwards and outwards to make them look fuller and fluffier.

#7. The No Makeup-Makeup.

Bridal Makeup trends - the No makeup Makeup look wedding makeup technique for Brides to be
Dare to bare - The no makeup makeup trend

I love a natural look makeup, BUT the only problem with this type of wedding makeup is, it's not going to last the day out. So if you're perfectly OK with that and happy to keep touching up throughout the day, then the No makeup Makeup is for you.

No makeup trends are about enhancing what you have to give the impression there is no makeup on the face. This is achieved by primers, tinted moisturisers, CC creams or light based foundations and light concealers and set with a translucent powder. A pale nude eye shadow, in tan or matte pale pink with the tiniest bit of soft brown liner will help gently define the eyes and a coat of mascara will be all that is needed for the eyes. A hint of cheek colour in a matte bronze or matte pink and a soft rosy lip gloss will finish the look.

Summer Bridal Makeup Trends 2024

So whichever 2024 trend takes your fancy this year, be sure to look and feel your best. You may be a 'barely there makeup' Bride or a Bride who likes her look bold, but there is a trend for everyone this season. Let your natural beauty shine through with these timeless and elegant makeup choices.

For more beauty tips and inspiration, keep up with The Wedding Beauty Quarter Blog by Paula Pace Makeup Artist. Make sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates and exclusive content.

As a dedicated Wedding Makeup Professional, I want every bride to look and feel their absolute best and the key to the perfect bridal makeup look is wearing it with total confidence. I sincerely hope you wear your makeup look with pride and radiate with confidence as you walk that aisle. All the very best.

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