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Pore Perfection Unveiled: Revolution Pro’s Blurring Wonders – A Product Review Testing Pore-Minimising Marvels

Updated: Jun 27

This post contains affiliate links.

Models with natural smooth skin, achievable with pore minmising primers
Smooth skin? The dream.

Thanks to (and I say this with total sarcasm) the filtering and AI possibilities for improving the images of peoples faces, every bride who comes to me for a Wedding Makeup Trial will ask for me to hide their pores (and wrinkles). Well as the cliche, but still immensely popular Makeup Artist saying goes 'I'm a makeup artist, not a magician...'(mic drop)

But while that quote rings true, there are in actual fact, a myriad of pore minimising products out there that can do just that. Or at least try to do just that.

And if you're anything like me, choice is often a bad thing. Like, where on earth do you start, what's good and what's just rubbish packaged in a pretty bottle? So I thought I would spend some time trying out some of Revolution Pro pore-minimising products to review.

And why Revolution Pro I hear you ask? Well, as a reasonably priced brand, they have a huge amount of choice, but the other thing is, what I have tried, for the price, have been surprisingly pretty good.

And get this, they are Vegan and Cruelty free. So I'm all in with that.

Base primers - silicon based - silicon particles to smooth out imperfections
Primers and pore minimisers

So how do pore-minimising products actually work?

So from what I understand is, that the clever blurring effect in pore-minimising products is often achieved through the use of silicone particles. These particles cleverly work by creating a soft-focus optical effect on the skin, scattering light and thereby smoothing the appearance of pores and imperfections. This results in a more even and refined skin texture that looks visibly smoother. Other ingredients that may contribute to this effect include alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), which help exfoliate the skin, as well as niacinamide, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients work together to give the skin a polished, airbrushed look. Sounds pretty good so far.

Are they safe to use?

Yes, silicone-based pore-minimizing products are generally considered safe for use on the skin. They are known for their conditioning and emollient properties, which help to lock in hydration and prevent moisture loss. But, and this is pretty important, is that while they do an effective job of filling in large pores and creating a smoother appearance, they might be comedogenic (pore-clogging) for some skin types, especially those with acne prone, (trapping in oil and moisture, leading to bacterial infections resulting in making the problem worse) and problematic and sensitive skin.

It’s always a good idea to patch test a new product before applying it to your entire face, particularly if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

If you have any concerns, its worth consulting with a dermatologist to ensure the product is suitable for your skin type.

skin with freckles beautiful skin
Beautiful skin, but all skins have texture


  Sound good to you?

Ok, let's get stuck in and have a closer look at Pore-minimising product I've tried recently for my review.

1.Revolution Pro BLUR stick+

2. Revolution Pro IRL Skin Filter

3. Revolution Pro BLUR Fine Line filler. (I did a Blog on this product if you want to read)

The Revolution Pro Blur Stick+ 30g Universal Face Primer

Revolution Pro Blur stick+ primer base to minimise pores
Revolution Pro Blur stick+ primer base

Revolution Pro BLUR stick+ is a big old product at 30g, and as you can see, it looks not too dissimilar to a roll on deodorant for men with its metallic and not quite easy to read pink lettering. So quite sexy looking really. I'm thinking this packaging appeals to men as well as women as it doesn't really resemble a cosmetic product. With a screw top lid, Revolution Pro BLUR stick+ reveals, what actually looks like a roll on deodorant but with a feint, not too unpleasant, watermelon smell. (I'm really not a fan of those kind of fragrances, it makes me think of being an excited child finding a sweet smelling lip balm and nibbling on it) Its blurb states its lightweight, breathable and infused with Vitamins B5 C & E to help give the appearance of smooth and healthy looking skin. You can buy it here £11.99

So, how did it feel?

Well, actually, I really liked the ease of the Revolution Pro BLUR stick+ . After moisturising, I glided it gently over the open pores on top of my cheeks towards my nose, and the annoying ones on my chin, without dragging. It felt lovely, light, non greasy and barely there. I then proceeded with concealer and foundation (I have an unusual makeup routine at present, where I use a light concealer under my shadowy under eyes and tops of my cheeks and lids, then use a darker foundation across my cheeks and nose, to give a faux sunkissed look, all blended with a kabuki brush. Why? Because I have run out of my usual colour and needed to use up these darker shades. . Sorry went off topic a bit. You can find Kabuki brushes here £11.99

Kabuki brush for perfectly blended foundation, beauty blender
Ducare Kabuki brush and beauty blender set

Would you recommend the Revolution Pro BLUR stick+and is it suitable for men?

Honestly, I would recommend the Revolution Pro BLUR Stick+. I'm not certain about the extent of its effect, but it left my skin feeling pleasant and allowed the makeup to apply smoothly without a cakey appearance. For those with open pores on the chest, it might be beneficial for a photoshoot (though not frequently, as it could clog the pores, but for one-time use - definitely).

skincare and makeup for the guys
Revolution Pro Blur stick+ suitable for guys too

As for Men:

  • Absolutely! Men can benefit from using the Revolution Pro BLUR stick+ as well.

  • Whether you’re prepping for a special occasion, photoshoot, or simply want to refine your skin texture, this primer works for all genders.

  • Men can apply it before foundation or use it alone for a natural, matte finish.

  • Plus, the fact that it’s pigment-free and oil-free makes it suitable for a wide range of skin tones and types.

Was there anything you didn't like about it?

Yes. It's not practical as a staple in a makeup kit. Using it hygienically is challenging; it requires me to scrape at it with a clean spatula. Then I would have to apply with fingers or a brush, which negates the unique benefit of the Revolution Pro BLUR stick+. Having used it on myself, (now considered contaminated) it's now relegated to my makeup cupboard.

The Revolution IRL Skin Filter 22 ml

Revolution IRL skin filter pore blur primer 22ml  makeup artist products
Revolution IRL skin filter pore blur primer 22ml

This The Revolution IRL Skin Filter is a 22ml pump action base primer designed to smooth out and give the skin that blurred finish. It is infused with Vitamin E and matifies the skin before foundation base. Completely fragrance free, and lightweight, so suitable for most skins. But as said before, if you have a problematic skin, just test this first on a small patch, as it could (as said above) cause more problems than it's worth.

You can buy it here £7.99

So what did you think of The Revolution IRL Skin Filter ?

Well, when I tried it out the first time, I think I may have pumped too much into my hands, applied it all over with my fingers and then proceeded with the same makeup routine as above. I did not like it. It felt greasy and my makeup looked cakey, so i spent more time buffing it in to reduce the cakiness. And I really didn't see much difference in my skin texture. That being said, I thought I would give it another go, just to be sure, using much less product.

The second time I used it without my usual moisturiser, and just over a light serum. I also used 2 pumps which is enough to apply to the whole face and neck (yeah its a bit crepy on my neck, I am getting on) I used my fingers and it glided over the skin beautifully. I applied the same makeup as I did the day before and yes, it went on much better and looked nice and smooth. My findings are, that this is best used without a moisturiser (certainly in my case). I can't say it made my makeup last any longer (if you have read my Airbrush blog post, I explain why Airbrush makeup lasts on me so well, where other foundations don't - for some reason - but I have discovered a liquid foundation that works and lasts on me like airbrush so I may be sharing this in a few weeks).

My next idea to trial it the IRL Skin filter, is to work it in with a kabuki makeup brush to blur the pores and fine lines. I will report back.

The Revolution Pro Blur fine line filler

Revolution Pro Blur & Fine Line Filler: A skincare product designed to minimize fine lines and create a smooth, flawless appearance.
The Revolution Pro Blur & fine line filler

I did a blog post on the The Revolution Pro Blur fine line filler £6.99 before,(with some close ups of my skin) but just to recap, this is a 4g nice looking jar which comes in a dinky box, and small enough to carry around in your makeup bag. It's designed for more target areas as opposed to applying all over the skin which could be combined with any of the above. Its a thicker more vaseline/ lip balm like texture and needs to be warmed up in the fingers to apply. Its predominantly a fine line filler, but the blurb states for pores too. It also has this added to its packaging

74% Agree * Instantly blurred Fine lines

77% Agree* Blurred imperfections

 81% Agree* Instantly filled pores

72% Agree* Instantly filled acne scars

*Based on a 2 week consumer trial of 53 panelists

Handbag with lip gloss, powder compact and perfume
Revolution Pro Blue & Fine line filler, small enough to fit in your bag.

Up to now, I think The Revolution Pro Blur fine line filler is the best of the 3. Just because it purpose is to target those areas you want to blur out as opposed to applying it all over the skin and for that reason, I feel it does a better job. If used correctly, this will give a subtle smoothness to the skin. Having read reviews on the Revolution site, many who seem to rate it low, say it went crumbly and was difficult to apply. This is true applied with cold fingers, its almost like trying to spread butter straight from the fridge onto a piece of bread. Again, I am realistic, you can't expect complete invisibility with it, I mean, imagine if it did that? You would not be able to get the product anywhere and it would cost you an absolute fortune. So I enjoy its subtle benefits and like how it feels, and how it works on my fine lines and them blummin horrible open pores on my chin that I can't do anything about.

You can get yours here at Revolution Pro £6.99

Poreless skin.  Smooth skin.  Natural skin
Improving your skincare and can help smooth out skin and minimse pores.

Just a side note on your skincare

With heavy products primers and layers of foundations, its important that you look out for your skin and treat it with care and respect. That means cleaning off all the layers of makeup and primers that sit on the skin throughout the day, trapping in dirt, oil sweat and skin cells.

  • Poreless Skin:

  • Poreless skin refers to skin with minimal visible pores. When pores are less noticeable, the skin appears smoother and more even.

  • Achieving poreless skin involves maintaining clean pores, exfoliating regularly, and using products that help tighten and minimize pores.

  • Skincare ingredients like niacinamide, salicylic acid, and retinol can contribute to pore refinement.

  • I'm a huge advocate for skin toners, which are often overlooked in many people's skincare routines. Toners were actually introduced for the purpose we're discussing: to tighten and close pores, preventing dirt and oil from becoming trapped. When product buildup occurs, oil gets trapped, forcing the pore to remain open and often leading to a blackhead (comedone).

  • To deeply cleanse the skin, use a clay mask twice weekly and a scrub once a week. Consider the weight of your moisturiser; if it's too heavy, it will clog the pores. For oily skin, opt for a water-based moisturiser to hydrate without overloading the skin.

I'm glad you've enjoyed this blog and I hope it has been beneficial in guiding you on how to care for your skin and which products to use for a smoother complexion. It's important to remember that everyone's skin is unique, with different types and textures, so what works for one person may not work for another. Keep this in mind when experimenting with any new product. It's always a letdown when a highly praised product turns out to be just average. If you've come across any pore minimisers that have truly impressed you, please share your experiences in the comments. (I've tried many others, but I specifically chose to try the Revolution Pro ones out of curiosity.)

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