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2020 - The year that everything stopped...

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It's now July, the COVID months have zipped by and we are all at a point where we scratch our heads, wondering where the time went and what day it is.

How did it get to this point? How a disease that had us all running to the safety of our homes, rethinking our very existence, and hoping we are doing the very best we can in this life-changing situation.

I've been very quiet on all social media, I suppose the more I see the more I fear, and I don't want to live like that. So, I accepted the situation and got on with it. I've been making cakes (when I got hold of flour) and making sugar paste things and wrote some things (not on this blog - although I did think about it a few times then got caught up with feeding the family...)

So, like many of us beauty professionals, we have become a bit, well, unemployed for the foreseeable future, which is strange because what I do now, is all I have ever done, I have no experience in any other sector and I'm trying hard not to panic as each of my 2020 booked brides has now moved their wedding dates to 2021, which I can imagine has been really heartbreaking and stressful for them. But I am ever the Mrs. Brightside and think 2021 weddings will be one hell of a knees-up and just that little bit more special. But for me, I'm kind of twiddling my thumbs a bit and wondering what to do.

As of 4th July, hairdressers begin to get back to work, and we makeuppy people, can not, because carrying out makeup is just impossible to do within the guidelines, so I shrug my shoulders and just wait...patiently, for the miraculous click of the fingers that signal the go-ahead. There has been outrage over the nail industry not being allowed to begin work again, despite the stringent sanitation they/we do (I still do nails from time to time - maybe its time to start again, who knows?) It does seem pretty unfair to open pubs, and not nail services, which can be carried out way more hygienically than a trip to the local boozer.

So I will sign off, for now, promise to write more blogs then completely forget, but now I have the time, I think I really should.

Stay safe and well, and hope to see you all as soon as we can...

Take care xx

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