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The Importance of a Pre-Wedding Makeup Trial: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Updated: Feb 27

In this weeks Wedding Blog, I explore the benefits and importance of a Pre-Wedding Makeup Trial, what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Work station set up.
The Makeup Trial - a table full of makeup

What happens at your trial?

I thought I had better give a little insight into how a trial run works and why.

I'm often surprised to be booked for a wedding without the bride requesting a trial. Now a trial is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended. And as it's completely up to the bride if she doesn't want one - it's also very brave. Perhaps they have seen my work and happy to go ahead or they have been recommended by a previous bride that they will be in 'safe hands'.

However, in my personal opinion, I'm not sure I could be that brave.

What if I have an allergy to anything used?

What if I absolutely hate the look that is created?

What if the makeup looks like its been paint balled onto my face?

I would just have to have a 'try out' - it is after all, the most important day of your life.

So if your going to have a trial - I like to get them done at the start of the New Year on a day time (I don't like doing trials when it's dark or when its dull and overcast - it seriously messes with how you view the makeup - it will look shadowy and completely different to how the very same makeup would look in the harsh light of day - trust me!!!!) Also if you require a Saturday - you have more chances of getting a date from January-to the end of March as it's not so busy with weddings - after that if I have a wedding on a Saturday - I'm so exhausted, I can barely talk - let alone discuss and apply a makeup you will be happy with - you could say I give it everything on the wedding day - so there's nothing left to give.

When I come to do a trial, we will discuss the wedding theme, flowers, colours to give a flavour of the wedding, and also location, time of the ceremony, photographers instructions, hair stylist's arrival time and how many faces to be made up. All of this will help work out a time of travel, arrival, start time and time to be all ready for. As a wedding supplier, its important to work with your other suppliers and respect each other's role on the preparation to give the best possible result for everyone involved. Most of us suppliers are quite familiar with each other and are more than happy to recommend like minded suppliers.

So once we have worked out the finer details - we will chat about a look that the bride desires, considering her dress style and hair style. With a bit of luck, the bride can try to arrange her hair trial, makeup trial and dress fitting the same day.

I usually ask the bride to find some inspirational images to give us an idea - Pinterest and Instagram are excellent, but please don't expect your skin to look photoshopped like they are in those images - they are just not real life!!! I'm good but not that good. Here is a blog on this very subject The misuse of Filtering Photographs and skin retouching Apps (

I prefer to work in a well lit area, preferably facing a window - this is your harshest light and can be the difference in nice clean work. Artificial lighting produces artificial looking makeup.

Applying cluster lashes with tweezers
The Makeup Trial - trying cluster lashes

Once we have an idea in place, we will continue with the makeup application. You have a choice of airbrush or traditional foundation or a bit of both. 10 Benefits of Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day (

I usually go for a classic bridal look and build on that. Whatever you're not happy with or whatever you feel I have not applied enough of - please say. I don't get offended if you're not sure of something I have applied (perhaps I have not applied as much liner or blush as you prefer - it's fine to point this out). Everyone's makeup routine is very personal. I understand completely if you feel somewhat different. I always suggest you give it an hour or two to get familiar with the makeup. Some brides just fear the change is too much - but I do my utmost best to keep the bride looking like herself, like using colours they are familiar with rather than going for a completely different colour palette.

Its also worth considering wearing a light coloured top - especially as a dark casual top coupled with a made up face can give a sense of being 'over made up' which is not the case. I guess I class a bridal makeup as an in between a day and night makeup. Its more than a day time makeup but far less than an evening makeup without compromising on the glamour.

A Happy Bride and her Hair and Makeup Team finishing touches
Bride The final look- Happy Relaxed Bride

Once finished - it's time for the bride to have a good look at the makeup - especially in the room she would generally apply her makeup in. If it looks good outside, then its it's good to go wherever.

I always like to point out that although this may be a little more makeup than the bride is used to - then the bride must also consider that wearing a wedding dress is no everyday occurrence. When the day actually arrives, the dress, the hairstyle, the flowers and the makeup will come together like a perfect puzzle. Each one complimenting the other beautifully.

To book your trial please get in touch so we can arrange a suitable date and time.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Paula xxx



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