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How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Updated: Apr 14

Clean Makeup Brushes with Black handles
Nice clean Makeup Artist brushes, ready to go

I have been surprised, well shocked actually, to hear that there are makeup artists/enthusiasts not cleaning makeup brushes or using disposables where necessary.

For me, I don't give the cleaning part a second thought, mainly because it is second nature and pretty obvious that brushes must be sanitised between uses.

So, just to reassure anyone who is wondering, I am not one of the people who uses dirty makeup brushes, because my training (all those years ago) and the exam involved - would not have issued me with a C&G cert if I or anyone else on the course was working hygienically.

So what do I do?

Well, I have my brushes all lined up in a brush case, and once used, I pop them in a pot. Then if its its a big party, I use a spray IPA and clean between each person. Then when I get home, I give them a good drenching in IPA and clean them on a tissue and have them already for my next job. IPA is a hospital grade sanitiser that breaks down any of the colour and kills any bacteria. Did I mention, brush cleaning is time consuming and really really mundane?

Makeup Brushes and sanitisers
Time for the Big Clean

Makeup Brushes showing makeup on a tissue
The Cleaning and Sanitising Process

Here is a quick vid on brush cleaning - its not very exciting - but it gives you an idea.

And now comes to the question of disposables...

I'm struggling with this, as I have always used disposable mascara spoolies, but after watching 'drowning in plastic' I'm not happy that I throw away plastic. So, I have decided that I will keep the used mascara spoolies, give them a good old clean, and then soak them in IPA.

Sanitising the Palette?

I just give the palette a spray over with some Beauty So Clean sanitiser mist, it kills any bacteria and evaporates immediately,

Here is a quick demo - oh and its Eastenders on in the background.

So that's it for now, hope to see some of you in 2019 for weddings and makeups for nights out!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

All the best xxx

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