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8 Chic DIY Wedding Day Makeup Ideas: The Bride-to-Be’s Guide to Achieving Flawless Bridal Beauty

Updated: Jun 3

Are you planning to do your own Makeup on your Wedding Day? Read on for your guide on how you can look your Wedding Day best as I share my tips on how to achieve your DIY Wedding Day look, with these #8 useful DIY Wedding makeup ideas

Applying concealer, mirror
Are you planning to do your own Wedding makeup on your big day?

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Your Wedding Day is up there, as one of the biggest, exciting and most important days of your life, and as the planning goes, it will take up a lot of your time as it grows from a little wedding acorn into a huge white wedding wonder muc And, somewhere along that exciting planning journey, you will be considering your makeup look for the day. While many brides opt to hire professional makeup artists - like me, for their big day, doing your own Wedding Day makeup can not only be a rewarding and budget-friendly option, but sometimes and for whatever reason, a necessity. Occasionally, I will get called upon to give Brides to be a Wedding Makeup Lesson, perhaps they are getting married abroad, or they just need some ideas and direction to show them the easiest way to achieve a long lasting, natural and beautiful makeup they can walk down the aisle, owning it with total confidence.

With the right techniques, products, and a little practice, you can achieve a stunning bridal look that reflects your personal style. So Bride to Be, here's your ultimate guide to mastering beautiful DIY wedding makeup with plenty of ideas and tips to help you feel , beautiful and confident as you walk down the aisle.

Using skincare helps skin look amazing on your wedding day
Pamper that skin to help it look its healthy best

Let's start with Skincare Basics:

  • Hopefully, you have been looking after your skin in the run up to the Wedding. I'ts absolutely vital that you prep the skin properly and take into consideration your skin type.

  • Oily/Combination skins -  If you want your makeup to last, oily skins benefit from a facial wash Try Gatineau Radiance enhancing Gelee facial wash with its citrus scent,

  • A pore refining, gentle toner such as Gatineau gentle silk toner for all skin types

  • And an oil free moistuiriser,, try the incredibly resaonably priced Revolution Skincare SPF30 Oil Control Moisturiser 50ml

  • Dry/Sensitive skins/Dehydrated - quite often, hotel or venue bedrooms can leave the skin a little parched, this will replace lost moisture to skin and keep it plumped and radiant all day Gatineau Hydra Aura™ Water Cream 75ml

  • Prime Time - When I am carrying out Bridal makeup, I always use a skin specific primer. It should smooth out pores, give a lovely smooth base and anchor on that makeup to ensure it lasts all day. Try this for oilier skins try XXX Revolution Quick Fixx matifying Primer

  • For drier skins with high colouring/rosy skin tones/ rosacea Try Makeup Revolution Superbase Colour Correcting Green Primer 25ml £9.99

  • OR try this luxurious silky Makeup Revolution Balm Primer | Revolution Beauty

  • Don't forget the Eye Area! Loving this eye cream!

For dark circles and puffiness try Gatineau Miracle Eye contour Cream to brighten up Eye area
Gatineau Miracle Eye Contour Cream

  • A hybrid eye cream which offers perceptible smoothing and brightening benefits both immediately and over time. This lightweight formula instantly adjusts to your skin tone and lightly conceals dark circles and imperfections and reduces the look of puffiness and eye bags transforming tired looking eyes, whilst smoothing skin and boosting radiance.

✔ Conceals dark circles and imperfections

✔ Reduces the look of puffiness and eye bags

✔ Smoothing and moisturising effect

✔ Brightens the under eye area


And Now For The Base.

Makeup basics foundation, bronzer, loose powder concealer
The basics- foundation, concealer, loose powder and bronzer

You also need the right long lasting base products:

  • Selecting the right makeup products is crucial for achieving a flawless Wedding Day bridal look. Opt for long-lasting formulas that are designed to withstand tears, sweat, and all-day wear. Key products to include in your bridal makeup kit may include:

  • Foundation and concealer for evening out skin tone and covering imperfections .Try Urban Decay Stay naked Breathable Foundation

  • Black Mascara. (it doesn't need to be waterproof formula - which I'm not a big fan of -unless you are planning to jump into the pool after the ceremony, or take a shower)

  • Eyeshadow Primer (or use a concealer to prime the eye area)

  • Eyeshadow palette with 4 shades from light to dark, (see Blush for all-in-one compact)

  • Brown 24 hr eyeliner,

  • False lashes to enhance and define the eyes (you may need plenty of practice to get these right) This post may be of help to you,Tried & Tested: Trying Out the SNAP- Luxury False Eyelashes BY Snap Beauty. Snap False Eye Lashes Review ( or try these Individual lashes kit for a soft fluffy outer lash

  • Blush (peach or pink) and bronzer for adding warmth and dimension to the complexion. Try this Blush & Eyeshadow palette from Revolution Pro Light/Medium £7.99

  • Brows - Create colour and ultra fine hairstrokes to fill in any brow gaps with XX Revolution XXFine Micro Brow Pencil

  • Nude Lip liner, lipstick or lip gloss in a shade that complements your overall look.(soft pink, nude or peach are popular for brides) One of my go to lip colours for Brides is the Loreal Nude colour riche 235 teamed with a soft peachy nude lip liner £3.99 from Revolution

  • A skin illuminator (optional) to add a delicate, youthful sheen to the top of cheeks and decolletage. (these come in powders or liquids)

  • Translucent powder, to set the makeup in place. Choose a compact with a puff as this will be easy to carry around to powder away any oil ups. This is lovely by Revolution Pro Hydra-matte Setting powder £8.00

  • Makeup setting Spray. It really works to lock your finished look in for the long haul. Just a few spritz all over your face will do the trick. Try the ever popular Urban decay All nighter setting spray

  • Good Makeup Brushes (you don't need a big brush kit) These brush sets from Ducare are reasonably priced look for the Agate 6 piece Eye Brush set £8.50 There are also some lovely full brush sets.

  • Tissues

  • Cotton buds

Eye makeup brushes for the best DIY wedding makeup
DUcare brushes Agate 6 piece eye makeup brushes

Applying mascara - DIY - wedding makeup
Practice that Wedding Makeup routine.

Practicing. You gotta put the work in and allow plenty of practice:

  • I would strongly advise you practice your DIY wedding day makeup look several times before the big day to (try once a week for 6 weeks, you will get better each time) Take inspiration from Pinterest (but remember those beautiful shots have had a serious amount of sneaky filtering, so don't compare your makeup look to those, just take note of the colour combinations) Do take lots of selfies and make a note of whats working and what's not and how well it lasts on your skin. Does it oil up quickly? Does it fade too fast? All of these issues can be fixed with different products or primers. Make sure you're w

Natural soft glam, nude makeup, fresh natural skin
Neutral, natural makeup shades

Stick to a natural, radiant, soft glam look:

  • I'm sure in your practice times, you have tried out things that worked and things that didn't. But my advice is to stick to a natural, soft and timeless look. But try and make your eyes more of a statement. Learn how to make the most of them so they stand out on your Wedding photos. Don't get bogged down with the amount of techniques that you see on Instagram (contouring and baking and all that jazz is just theatre) just keep it simple with neutral shades as listed above. Your dress, once on, will act like a mirror and add that lit glow as it accentuates the colours you have chosen.

On the BIG day.

  • On your Wedding Day, give yourself plenty of time. Its easy to think you have all the time in the world, BUT, time on the Wedding day just goes like a gust of wind. Get up, do your skincare have breakfast and relax. When its time to apply your makeup, find a quiet, well lit spot, (in front of a window for natural light) relax and take your time and give yourself a good hour. Give your skin a quick refresh with some toner to any oily spots, or moisturiser to any dry, dehdrated areas. Proceed with your Bridal Makeup routine. Perhaps you are doing your own hair, or you have a stylist coming to you. Once hair is done. Check you are happy with the overall look. Hopefully you have left enough time to add say, a touch more blush, a little lip gloss or illuminator to your shoulders or collar bones. Now its the big moment. THE DRESS!!!! Well done for keeping it cool. If you are getting married in the midst of a tropical heatwave, it may be worth reading this blog How to Keep Your Cool During a Summer Wedding - #7 Tips on surviving the Heat For Brides To Be (

  • "#10 Ways to Stay Calm and Stress-Free on Your Wedding Day" (

Applying red lip colour with a lip brush
Keep the touch up kit handy throughout the day

Throughout the Day:

  • Even with long-lasting makeup products, I would still advise you keep items such as lipstick or lip gloss, blotting papers / pressed powder, and a small mirror close by to ensure you stay looking fresh and beautiful for the whole day. Check out these blotting papers from Makeup Revolution X Emily In Paris Under Control Oil Blotting Papers

Applying pink lipstick - Wedding Makeup - North East
Pink lip colour a popular choice with Brides to be

Feeling inspired?

As a Wedding Day makeup Artist my job is to help eliminate some of the stress that comes with applying your own makeup. But I'm not always needed, or required, or perhaps the Bride just wants to do her own, but a little advice is always welcomed by a bride doing her own Wedding Day makeup. So I hope this has helped you on your way to achieving your own flawless bridal look that leaves you feeling super confident, radiant and beautiful and ready to say those words 'I do'

And with that, I wish you all the very best on your perfect day.

Paula x

Bride and Groom - Wedding Day kiss
I do...

"At Weddings Makeup and everything else blog, I value transparency. My reviews, posts and recommendations are unbiased, reflecting our commitment to honesty. While we may earn commissions from affiliate links, rest assured, they incur no extra cost to you. I believe in empowering my readers with truthful insights into the beauty world, ensuring you make informed decisions with confidence.

Just so you know...

 I am a trained experienced C&G Beauty Therapist. I worked in several north east salons in the north east and brifely owned my own busy Beauty salon. I specialised in Skin Care and Facials with major brands, Clarins, Guinot & Gatineau. I've specialised in Waxing, Massage, Electrolysis, ABrows, Semi Permanent Lash Extensions, Lash Perming & Lifting, Microblading, Brow Lamination, Spray Tanning, Manual Tanning, Mani's & Pedis and all systems of Nail Extensions (acrylic CND , gels, Bio Sculpture fibreglass) and I'm still learning.

I also hold a C&G Teaching Certificate and have written up several training manuals in Makeup and Brow styling.


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