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The January Flu's

I write this blog, sat on my bed where I have spent most of the last week with a second round of Flu. It seems that most of this January, has been spent with me coughing, sneezing, sweating, shivering and aching, the list goes on.

And as a result of this, I have had no option but to cancel my wedding trials booked in both today and last Saturday. I absolutely hate having to do this as I just don't want to let anyone down but sadly, I had no option (You can't do a trial makeup from Skype sadly)

But, as it seems this particular flu virus is very contagious and to get it twice is just downright bad luck. So this brings me to the conclusion that we all need to keep our germs to ourselves and stop spreading them. (I wore a face mask at trials a few weeks ago, but it isn't ideal when you are trying to communicate).

So please, If any of my brides have a virus and have a trial booked, I think its only fair that they cancel the appointment so that the person carrying out the service is not struck down. Most of us are self employed and this may be our only job so when we don't work, we don't get paid and don't pay the bills. And that really stresses us out, makes us go back to work when we are not 100%, then we end up poorly again. And worse still, we will then be passing it onto other brides who want to feel fantastic on their big day.

I once did a trial and I had an annoying cough. I just didn't do a decent job and could barely speak without coughing. The outcome of this was that the bride ended up cancelling me, so since then, rather than stress myself out, I won't do a trial when I'm feeling poorly, it is of no help to anyone.

Yes, it may be inconvenient if you have planned the day out but I don't think anyone likes to receive a cold/flu as a part of the service.

So, its over 10 days now and my head is aching, my throat is red raw from coughing and I feel like I have aged overnight, but I am hopeful I will be feeling better within the next few days, or I will be tearing my hair out and crying my eyes out.

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