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Jumping feet first into marriage - Special Wedding Stories

Updated: Apr 14

Every proposal is special, but some grooms go the extra mile to make the occasion memorable.

When I did the lovely Kati's make up for her wedding to Carl, she told me her amazing proposal story and I knew that it had to go on the blog!

Kati moved from her native Ireland to Edinburgh in 2012 to study nursing. It was there that she met Carl in a nightclub.

Like all good love stories, there would be a test of the relationship's endurance.

Carl was in the army and was due to be deployed to Afghanistan, just 2 months after they met.

They were inseparable during that time, and as they got to know everything about each other, something came up in conversation which would one day be the inspiration for Carl's proposal; they both said that one day they'd love to do a skydive!

So years later, when the time was right, this is exactly what Carl planned.

Kati recalls the morning of the dive;

"I knew that something was up.He wouldn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing, he just told me to wear comfy clothes.I had an idea that he was going to propose, but he wouldn't tell me anything!"

Kati remembers trying to guess where they were going by following the roadsigns.

"I actually thought that he was taking me to a colliery!" she laughs.

They arrived at Peterlee Skydiving Centre and the penny dropped.

Kati recalls the realisation that she would actually be jumping out of a plane;

"My tummy was doing flips.I felt excited but nervous. I was totally unprepared-believe it or not, I don't really like heights!"

Unbeknown to Kati, Carl had asked his friend's mother to sew some white sheets together, and he spray painted "Will You Marry Me?" on them. He had arranged for 2 friends to lay the sheets on the spot where they were going to be landing.

Carl jumped first, followed by Kati, and as the landing spot came into view, she realised what was happening.

The descent must have felt like a lifetime, but the moment she had been imagined since she was a teenager was finally here. The love of her life had asked her to marry him, and in spectacular style!

An overwhelmed, excited and very happy Kati said Yes.

"The diamond ring helped!" She jokes.

The lovely couple got married on August 15th at the beautiful Woodhill Hall.

Congratulations to you both!

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