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How to Keep Your Cool During a Summer Wedding - #7 Tips on surviving the Heat For Brides To Be

Updated: Apr 10

We pray for that perfect Sunny Day for our weddings, but sometimes in those intense Summer months the heat can be a struggle. In this post I recall those Wedding Days that were just simply' too hot' and tips on how to make sure you stay cool and your makeup survives the tropical heat

Beautiful Summer Wedding Day.
A beautiful Summer Wedding - how to survive the heat

Hey there! Welcome to my Blog Post on How to Keep Your Cool During a Summer Wedding

As you know full well, the weather on your Wedding Day, especially here in the UK, is like the toss of a coin. Torrential rain one week - we need wellies and a parasol, then sweltering heat the next - why didn’t we bring a fan, a can of magicool, factor 50 and a pair of shades???

But, isn't it amazing when we get those glorious Summers or dazzling Autumn heatwaves? But hey, let's be real - sometimes the unexpected heat can be a bit much, dare I say, unbearable (there, I said it!).

In the beauty industry, this kind of heat can really mess with our expensive makeup products. Leave your Makeup kit in the car for a moment too long, and you'll come back to spoiled nail polishes, melted lip colors, and broken-down eye/lip liners. It's not just makeup, either; spray tans, eyelash extensions, and acrylic nails suffer too. And don't even get me started on how it messes with those perfectly curled hairstyles!

But hey, if you're tying the knot during those sweltering summer months, (if we're lucky) that heat can feel like an unwanted guest crashing the party.

But fret not! With a few simple tricks and some savvy product choices, we can keep cool and comfy, making sure your special day goes off without a hitch.

#1 Choose the Right Fabrics: Let's talk about fabrics, folks! Lightweight, breathable materials like cotton, linen, or chiffon for your wedding dress and the groom's attire can make a world of difference. They let that breeze in and keep you feeling fresh.

#2 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Stay hydrated, friends! Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your cool, especially when you're dressed to the nines and tearing up the dance floor. Consider adding some infused water stations or fruity mocktails for your guests to enjoy too!

#3 Utilize Cooling Accessories: Invest in some cooling goodies! Portable fans, handheld misters, (keep these away from your curled hair) and cooling towels are lifesavers on a scorching wedding day. And hey, why not toss in some parasols or umbrellas for some extra shade? Some Wedding venues do provide them.

#4 Plan for Shade: Speaking of shade, if your celebration's outdoors, plan for it! Tents or canopies can shield you from the sun's rays, and positioning seating strategically under trees or buildings can provide some natural shade. Don't forget the sunscreen, folks!

#5 Refreshing Treats: Let's treat ourselves! Set up a gelato or ice cream bar (wouldn't that be nice?), serve chilled fruit skewers or ice lollies (I'm happy for an ice pop myself). Trust me, your guests will thank you for it.

#6 Cool Down Zones: Create cool-down zones where guests can take a breather from the heat. Comfortable seating, cooling fans, and refreshing beverages can turn those hot moments into wonderfully chilled ones. And how about some handheld fans or mini misters as wedding favors? It's a thought anyway.

Bride having her dress tied.
The tie up dress - beautiful, but stressful

#7 But what about the poor brides Hair & Makeup Prep? Good question.

In the Bridal suite as the Wedding prep gets underway and the heat begins to generate, I have been known to spray the refreshing airbrush mist over the faces to gently cool the skin of a hot and flustered bride.

I've also stood fanning both Mother of the Bride and Bride with a magazine whilst poor Mum has been sweating away with the tie up dress, a double whammy if she’s experiencing annoying hot flushes. And, as a committed Wedding supplier, I just stay by, to blot on some powder and fan her down when it all gets a bit much. I do remember one Bride telling me, that after the ceremony she had to go back up to her room, take off her dress, take a cold shower, put said dress back on, and return to the wedding. I hope she remembered to wear a shower cap to protect her Wedding Hairstyle.

Speaking of Wedding Hair, Simone Whitehead Bridal Hair, told me how frustrating a sudden heatwave was for her last year for a Bridal Party's curls staying in. I think this is one moment, that maybe a rethink of the hairstyle may be in need.

Bridal Makeup...for long lasting, heat and sweat proof makeup, I always go back to my faithful Airbrush Makeup for it’s lasting ability and it’s heatproof application. The one product that will stay put in the heat without product break down along with prep products that hold back the skin’s natural oil production.

It does behave well and although perspiration will still find its way onto the surface of the skin It is skin after all) - Airbrush Makeup will tolerate it well and moisture will dry on the surface without a run. 10 Benefits of Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day (

A beautiful 3-tiered wedding cake
Can the Wedding cake survive the heat wave?

As for everything else - the cakes, the flowers, the wedding hair - we're on it! We Wedding suppliers are working double-time to ensure everything survives that unexpected heatwave.

And hey, remember to blot that skin gently and carry a little pressed powder to mop up that oil .

Oh, and maybe pack a fan just in case!

Here’s a pic of me when I got cooked in a conservatory at the Black Horse, Beamish (gorgeous venue by the way) Wedding Venue County Durham | Black Horse Beamish Wedding Venue Durham and was plagued by angry wasps. But I still managed to do a good job and she looked amazing in her swishy tea length Mooshki brides dress, but I almost passed out after.

Wedding Makeup in a conservatory on a summers day
The hot spot, drenched and being pestered by late summer wasps

Thanks for reading.


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