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What is Airbrush Makeup? #10 benefits of Airbrush for your Wedding Day

Updated: Apr 25

In today's Blog, I give you the low down on my favourite method of makeup application. So What is Airbrush Makeup? And why is it a popular choice for brides?

Here are #10 benefits of Airbrush Makeup that you might want to consider for Your Wedding Day.

airbrush  being applied
Bride having her makeup/ foundation 'airbrushed'

As a wedding Makeup artist working in the wedding industry for over 20 years - I like to use both traditional makeup and Airbrush Makeup.

So, what is the difference between the two and why is Airbrush makeup a popular choice for Brides and the wedding party?

The story.

I decided to look into airbrush makeup over 12 years ago - the cast of Friends were said to have had it and I thought their skins looked amazing toward the last few series. I had a trial of it and to be honest I wasn't particularly 'blown away' with it at first. I had had it applied at about 10 am in the morning and thought I looked 'nice' As I had a particularly busy day in the salon - I completely forgot about it and met up with friends for an after work drink (yeh I actually used to do that!!!). As I checked myself in the mirror around - I couldn't believe how fresh I still looked - I am one of these types where makeup likes to dissolve from my face and when I have been busy I look VERY washed out. This was still very much there and it looked better than it had done when it was first applied.

Excited, I mentioned it to my friends that I had my makeup 'airbrushed on' and one of them commented saying how great my skin looked. My thoughts were - if this hadn't budged on me - then imagine how it would be perform on brides on hot wedding days?

I will admit, it did take some getting used to - and I quickly learnt that air gun could block, over spray to the hairline, too much moisture on the skin would cause the foundation to slip, covering a spot could lead to a darker 'hot spot' and when it is first applied it can look much darker until dries in.

So how does Airbrush Makeup actually work?

Airbrush foundations are highly pigmented and just a few drops are squeezed into the cup of an Airbrush Makeup gun. It is then gently sprayed over the face in small, circular movements, building up colour and coverage with each pass. The spray is so fine, like a cool refreshing mist and each spray builds up micro dots of colour that dries within seconds. The foundation does not contain any oil so there is no slippage and coverage is buildable. This results in a long lasting finish that is both heat and touch proof.

The system I chose is Dinair -Airbrush Makeup – Flawless Airbrush Makeup by Dinair which is an American company and the foundation itself is a water based with a matte finish. For a more glowy radiant finish, a spray of moist and dewey (made from olives) is sprayed over the skin. Since then, more sophisticated systems have appeared and can be purchased in the UK.

Other systems on the market in the UK are

Mistair Airbrush Makeup - Mistair (I'm sure there are many more systems)

Makeup in different skin tones
Airbrush suits all skin types and colours

#10 Benefits of Airbrush Makeup for your wedding day and why this is the preferred choice for brides.

#1 Lightweight application with coverage that can be built up and custom mixed for each skin tone.

#2 Suits most skin types as it works well without moisturiser and can be matte or dewy.

#3 Great for those who fear makeup as it looks 'at one' with the skin giving a natural, fresh look.

#4 It lasts so well that there is little need for touch ups.

#5 Is touch proof, heat proof and tear proof and will get brides through the ceremony without tear stains.

#6 Very refreshing to the skin especially on hot wedding mornings as its so cool on the skin.

#7 Great for mothers of the bride who are frightened of looking too 'over made up'.

#8 It lies over the skin and does not soak into fine lines giving a more youthful look to the skin.

#9 Photographs beautifully without the need for retouching.

#10 Lasts and lasts without clogging up the skin ( I have known some to wear it the next day at breakfast!!)

I could go on and on about the benefits, but even though its fab - there are a few who just don't like it. And that is fine too - I offer both for that reason. Some just don't like the fact that although it looks good, they don't feel like they are actually wearing any - its so soft and dry it literally does feel like like soft peachy second skin, whereas traditional foundations do feel like there is more makeup on the skin and your more aware its 'there'.

Here is a little gallery of some wearing it and some who are not - bet you can't guess which one.

Did you guess right?

Airbrush is 1,3 & 6 - the rest are Anthony Braden liquid minerals - an equally lovely foundation which lasts very well, but it's the airbrush that will look good when you wake up in the morning after a heavy drinking session.



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