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Prom Makeup Sunderland North East: Unleash the Glamour

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A Guide to Prom Makeup and what to expect.

In this Blog, I retell the whole exciting Prom experience from makeup trials and dress talk to Prom Beauty and the overall finished look. Over my many-many years as a North East Makeup artist I have done almost as many Proms Makeups as well as Weddings, and I can tell you these Prom makeups are similar to a mini Wedding Day rehearsal with just as many proud happy tears and joy.

Read on for more.

£ prom party girls holding arms out showing cosages
Prom night is here

Ah, the buzz and dazzle of Prom Night—it's got me all fired up to share some thoughts in this overdue blog post! Between the holiday rush and the slow start of January, I found myself in a bit of a writing rut. But then inspiration finally struck, and I'm diving headfirst into the Glittery world of North East Proms!

As a Prom makeup artist based in Sunderland, nestled in the lovely North East, my job mainly revolves around dolling up the girls for their big night. Now, I may not have daughters of my own—just two wonderful boys—but let me tell you, the excitement I witness from these girls and their mums is infectious!

While I won't experience the nerves and thrills firsthand, being part of the glam squad is a joy in itself. It's like a sneak peek into what it'll be like for these mums on their daughters' wedding days—a whirlwind of emotions, stress, and pure pride.

Let's talk dresses—the holy grail of Prom planning! I can only imagine the lengths these teens go to ensure they're not rocking the same look as someone else. From endless

Teenagers on their phone
The Prom Dress chats

WhatsApp and Snapchat chats to meticulous planning, it's a full on mission.

Nowadays, many salons offer full Prom packages, covering everything from hair to nails to spray tans. But me? I'm the makeup magician who swoops in to add the final touch of radiant glamour, right in the comfort of their homes, just before the dress reveal.

One of my favorite parts? Seeing the whole family gather to send off their girl in style. The excitement is palpable, with phones buzzing non-stop and everyone brimming with anticipation. I'll admit, I can't help but feel a tad envious—I mean, who wouldn't want to glam up and don a stunning dress for such an occasion?

Before the big day, I always suggest a trial Prom Makeup run to ensure there are no allergic reactions and that the chosen makeup look is just right. I aim to enhance their natural beauty, considering the dress color and their preferences. While I'm up for any makeup challenge, I believe less is more, especially when it comes to these young beauties. Trends come and go, but feeling timeless in those prom photos? That's the goal!

So onto prices, my Prom Makeup is £45, complete with airbrush makeup and lashes, while trials are £35. And if you're curious about airbrush makeup, I've got a handy link for you!

Unfortunately, catching a good photo of a Prom girl is like catching a shooting star—they're in a rush to slip into their dresses, with stressed-out mums in tow and a house full of proud excited relatives. But hey, I've managed to snap a few, but there are many more that I never managed to snap.

So, here's to Prom Night—the glitz, the glamour, and the unforgettable memories in the making! Cheers to making these young ladies feel like the belles of the ball.

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